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“I must thank you for the wonderful magic show you performed for my daughter and her friends at her birthday party. The children are still talking about how fun AND funny the show was! You certainly held the attention of the 7-years-olds, which is not an easy feat! Thank you for making this party one which will not be forgotten in a long time!”
Tom (Marie’s Dad)

“The Incredible Magical Greg is a very talented magician and hilarious comedian. Besides being an amazing magician, all the kids and adults were thoroughly amused as he is original, creative and funny!”
Simone (Colin & Colette’s Mom)

“I enjoyed your magic show as much as my 8-year-old son!! Your amazing skills and charismatic presentation make it fun and engaging for all generations.”
Ian (Lucas’s Dad)

“My wife and I had Greg perform for our son’s birthday and we couldn’t be more happy!!! The magic that Greg brings to his shows has more to do with humor, interaction and personalization than card tricks. He doesn’t just “do” a show, he crafts an amazing experience based on audience demographics that keeps everyone involved, having fun and wanting more!”
Jim (Keenan’s Dad)

My three children thoroughly enjoyed it, as did I. I commend you on your talents to be able to keep so many children of different ages entertained! Thanks again!”
Annette (Mother of Bella, Declan & Maeve)

“Greg’s training as an actor and comedian really comes through in his performance. The kids were entranced with his hilarious characters, and I was entranced with how he wove each trick together with such appreciation and knowledge of the theatrical.”
Suzanne (Loretta’s Mom)

“The Incredible Magical Greg had my children at the edge of their seats with his witty and entertaining magic show!”
Esther (Remo & Tallulah’s Mom)

“What a treat for my husband and I to see our children participate in the magic created by The Incredible Magical Greg. The adults enjoyed the show too!”
Erica (Cooper, Lexi & Griffin’s Mom)

“Greg’s show was fantastic and my daughter and her friends talked up his act a lot in the days following the performance. He connected with the kids and they were truly captivated by each of his tricks. My 6-year-old told me later that she could have watched him for hours.”
Debbie (Gabi’s Mom)