Voice Over Page

“Greg Whalen helped bring the character of ‘Stretch’ to life in the Toon Disney claymation series Squash & Stretch by giving him a wonderful voice!”
Jim Davy, Director
Disney Channel

“Greg Whalen is a special talent who brings so much versatility and quality into our sessions. He is quick, passionate, and has this huge arsenal of voices which simply amazes us.”
Gary L. Foreman, Producer/Director
The History Channel/Native Sun Prods.

“Greg Whalen is not only an incredibly gifted voice talent, he also brings an enormous amount of energy and enthusiasm that raises any project to a higher level. Greg’s talent is so diverse and creative, he could have played ALL of the characters in my film.”
Ron Fleischer
Emmy-winning Animation Director

“Greg is a real pleasure to work with. He’s great at taking direction while still being able to offer suggestions and hilarious ad lib. I’m also impressed at the sheer volume of little people he has living inside of his head.”
Mike Nawrocki, Co-Creator/Writer/Director

“Everyone here was thrilled with how this audio book turned out. So much so, that we nominated it for an Audie Award.”
Andrew Bee, Producer
Domain Communications/Oasis Audio

“Versatile, smart and easy to work with, Greg is a wonderful talent.”
Vince Pontarelli, Composer/Sound Designer
Midway Games

“You are really one of the best Chicago talents I know of.”
Jon McClenahan
Emmy-winning Director of Animation

“It doesn’t bother Greg, in the least, that Bix Pix creates characters that often don’t really exist, Greg always knows just how they should sound. He’s also a master at bringing to life real people. And oh, did I mention, he’s tons of fun to work with!”
Kelli Bixler, CEO/Creative Director
Bix Pix Entertainment

“Greg’s incredible vocal versatility and his well-honed acting and improv skills mean only good things for us and our clients. He brings a lot to the table so that our scripts end up sounding better than we had imagined when we wrote them. He’s a quick study and always a real pleasure to work with.”
Pat Navin, President
Hear Spot Run Advertising & Marketing

“Greg is the #1 comic voice-over actor working in Chicago today.”
Kevin Larson, Producer

“Greg Whalen, the man of a million voices! Not only is he a fantastic voice talent, but he’s also funnier than forty drunk monkeys playing charades in drag!”
Chris Olsen, Producer/Director
Kai Harding, Inc.

“My personal fave: Greg Whalen, the best voice actor in Chicago.”
John Griffin, President
Gold Skeleton Pictures